Welcome to the Bohdaneč Therapeutic Spa

Léčebné lázně Bohdaneč, a.s. (the Bohdaneč Therapeutic Spa, joint-stock company) lies in the beautiful surroundings of the Polabí Lowlands and is only 8 km distant from the town of Pardubice. The beauty of the picturesque lowlands is completed by coniferous and deciduous forests, groves, and the remains of extensive medieval pond systems. Spa buildings surrounded by plenty of greenery, covered colonnades, hospitable surroundings, and clean air all contribute to giving every visitor to the spa an unforgettable experience.

The Bohdaneč Therapeutic Spa serves for the treatment of the locomotory apparatus while focusing on inflammatory rheumatoid illnesses, arthritis, vertebrogen syndromes, and Bechterew´s Disease. The spa provides treatment of long-term ailments, preoperative and postoperative conditions, and rehabilitation after accidents. The spa has acquired renown in the sphere of rehabilitation of total endoprostheses.

The spa is a sought after location not only for treatment but also for preventive care, rest, and relaxation. Product packages and a wide range of services have been created with this in mind.

The many-year tradition of the spa, outstanding local specialists, the surrounding countryside, and an extensive offer of cultural and entertaining programmes will surely contribute to not only improving your health, but also to rest and relaxation. The beautiful surroundings are also a wonderful place to spend your holiday or for just a weekend stay, during which you will energize your body and mind and forget your ordinary everyday cares.

The spa complex is nestled in an extensive park, which distinguishes itself with magnificent garden landscaping. Approximately one hundred kinds of wooded plants grow in the park and are around eighty years old. Accommodations are offered in several pavilions of various categories.

Come to relax …


Your comfort is guaranteed by the pleasant environment of four spa houses (Veselý, Jubilejní, Gočár and Langer) connected by a covered colonnade, heated in the winter, and surrounded by the greenery of a forest park. The majority of the two-bedded rooms are equipped as standard with a bathroom with WC.In some pavilions there are, in addition, refrigerators and further accessories. There are lifts in all pavilions.


Tasty and varied meals form an important part of the stay in the spa. Each client has the possibility of selecting according to his wishes from several menus, the composition of which is prepared by experts in nutrition. Clients adhering to one of the dietary programmes will also enjoy eating with us.

Leisure time

Léčebné lázně Bohdaneč a.s. also arrange for the clients' leisure time. An interesting cultural and educational programme is prepared for each day. A Leisure Centre is available with activities such as billiards, table tennis, electronic darts and table football. In the spa area it is also possible to hire bicycles, including child seats and safety helmets, or you can keep your own bicycle here. The little town of Lázně Bohdaneč is surrounded by an extensive network of cycle tracks suitable for cyclists of all levels, regardless of age. For those who like to visit nature and cultural monuments in the environs on foot we can offer the sticks for Nordic Walking. Or you can just relax in one of the numerous little cafés in Bohdaneč.

Supplementary services

In the area of the spa one can find a cosmetic salon, hairdresser, snack bar, spa restaurant and café, newsagent and municipal library. In the spa shop you can buy gifts and souvenirs, medical requisites and products supporting health and convalescence. The spa also offers a quality background for company events, conferences and seminars. A hall with capacity for 120 and a salon for 16 persons are available. A hall with a capacity of 120 and a small conference room with a data projector are available, along with secretarial services – copying, faxing, and Internet access.